Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Too princessey?

Watched Wife Swap last night and was fascinated by the woman who was ready to toss her cookies while taking out the trash. Who does that? Not me. Taking out the trash? Fine. Picking up dog poop (we have TWO dogs)? Not my favorite thing, but I do it more than anyone else in our family, and I'm really good at it. (That means I have a good eye for spotting it, even when it's trying to disguise itself as regular dirt or bark.) But recycling? I do it, but I hate it. I took cans and plastic to the recycling place today before picking Austin up from school. And all I could think as I drove there was, "I have garbage in my car. Yuck." But since our garbage service only reclaims 60% of the recyclables from regular trash pickup, I can't bring myself to throw away cans & bottles. At least I got a nice gossip magazine out of it -- hey, there has to be some benefit from saving the planet, right?

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Anonymous said...

I was at the recyle station on Saturday!! I take the boys and
let them empty and then they get to split the money. We are doing a great thing for the planet. Keep it up!!!