Saturday, September 29, 2007

A MUCH better long run!

Just finished an 8.43 mile run in 1:20 (average pace 9:29 per mile). What a difference from last weekend's long run -- this time I feel great! Here's why this week went better:

1. Since I did 10 miles last weekend, 8 miles is not new territory, and it's always easier to do a distance the second time.

2. My pre-run eating was better this weekend. Last weekend I had some protein and water, then some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and took one bottle of water on the run. Today I had some walnuts before the run, and took a water bottle and a Power Gel (which I took at 5 miles) with me. Much smarter.

3. Last weekend I started out too fast and just died at the end. Today I ran negative splits, and had enough of a kick at the end that I ran all out for the last three blocks before my house.

Now it's off to the shower, then Costco, then church. And tomorrow we're in SF for the day at the 49ers game, which will be Austin & Tucker's first pro football game. Go Niners!

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