Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hi Colette! Yes, I'm lifting heavier (at times) than I did in the past, thanks to Tony and Alwyn Cosgrove. I've learned from both that it's good to train heavier from time to time.

Hi Sonniejane! Bragg's makes an ACV dressing that I really like. I think Bragg's is a great company and their products are wonderful. But since the dressing is full fat (as opposed to my other favorite -- Newman's Own Lighten Up Balsamic), I'm sparing with quantities.

Hi Stacy! Back squats are what it's called when you hold a barbell on your traps (upper back). The higher you hold a weight, the harder it is to balance and to perform exercises, so it's a progression from holding weights at your hips, to shoulder height in front, to holding a bar on your back, and (the ultimate challenge, and not one to be taken lightly) holding a bar or weights overhead (which I rarely do because it takes tremendous shoulder stability).

Hi Eileen! Hope you liked the planks, and thanks for trying them!

Hi Matt! LOL!!!

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Brit-Man said...

Back Squats, yeah, otherwise known as the Free Bar Squats, in my speak ;-) ;-).

I've never done them, as you really need a squat rack when you're training on your own, it's too dangerous to do them without a spotter, unless you use poor weight levels, as to max for about 6-10 reps, would probably require a weight, most peoples strength levels wouldn't allow them to lift over their Head, onto the Traps.

Even if you can, after putting thet much tension on the Delts and especially the Triceps, I would think, you would be hard pushed to get the Bar off again, unless you let it roll down your Back.

Seriously not reccomendable :-(.

I might be tempted to do those if my Gym had a Squat rack, but as it doesn't, I mostly stick to the Dumbbell kind.

Hope you're having a fantastic day. Keep pushing on, WELL DONE, and GOOD LUCK in all you do.

:-) :-).


P.S. No more of those Chocolate Chip ahem "Chicken Breast" yeah.