Sunday, September 30, 2007

49ers pictures

It took a long time to get these pictures to upload successfully, so I'm not daring to change the order or anything else about them. Here's Tim, Austin, & me at the game:

Checking out the action on the field (our seats were upper reserved in the end zone):

The field:

Tucker, Tim, and Austin, my 3 favorite guys:


Brit-Man said...

Keep up all the hard work with your training Leslie. You look amazing.

Best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Great pictures! To bad the 49ers didn't do so well, but how fun anyway!

I can't believe you did all that workout after the game! Either your very dedicated or your addicted ;) lol

So happy for you about the pants! Now that is a great feeling for sure!

10 years does make a huge difference in ones life. It could either be for the better (like us) or the worse. You have every right to feel sexy and've kept yourself in great shape, took care of your body, and in return this is what you get...LOVE IT! I love my XM too and Take 5-The Broads!! They are great!! The show of Dr. Laura is the same one at the same time on the AM station. I do like Dr. Laura a lot, but of course I have my own views on things so for the most part I agree with her, but sometimes I think she's to closed minded.
As far as wearing those overalls...that was so me!! I think it was the trend back then, but never again!!

Have a super week, Leslie

Franz Snideman said...

Great pictures! You're a 49er's fan and I'm a Charger fan. I think you guys will have a much better season than us!