Friday, December 26, 2008

Did it!

So I did the 12 days of Christmas workout. It was tougher than I expected. It started out just fine. Quads were tired during squats, but all was great until I got to pushups. Even though I did them at an incline (to a weight bench) I had to break them up. Same with pull ups and box jumps (and I only used a 16" box!). By the time I finished those 3 exercises, it was getting very tough. Did renegade rows with 12.5 pound dumbbells. Had to break up knees to elbows into 10, 10, and 10. Did thrusters with the 12.5s, and the burpees were a joke -- almost like a dream where you're trying to run, but it's like running through honey? Yeah, that was me. But it's done. Next time I'll be trying for straight sets of each exercise.


Eric said...


But what was your time? =)

Glad you enjoyed my creation.. stop in anytime!

And great work on your self and blog.. very motivating.


Irene said...

You're one busy lady! Whew!

leslie said...

Eric -- 20 minutes on the nose!

leslie said...

Irene -- Whew is right!

ATOM ANT said...

You'll find it easier if you scale those large number reps. For ex
1 to 5 and back to 1 = 25 reps. Do it 4x and you did a 100 reps without going to failure.

Brit-Man said...

There's a fine line where insanity begins. Have you found it yet :-p :-p.

You wouldn't catch me doing stuff like that. Well I don't think so anyway.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Colette said...

You always amaze me ;)

Hope you had a very lovely Christmas.