Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lucky me!

My mother is in town from So Cal! She got in yesterday and is here through Thursday night, so I have a playmate to help me through the taper madness!


*aron* said...

you are lucky!!! i need one of those :) i think i am driving my husband crazy!

me: chris
chris: i know you are nervous
me: thats not what i was going to say

(but yes it was hehe)

Jo Lynn said...

Gotta love your mommy-time!

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you're doing well.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Colette said...

Enjoy every moment and have fun!

Marcy said...

Ooooo that's awesome! Have fun!

Julianne said...

How sweet that your mom is visiting! Have fun Leslie!!

Also, I'm really looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! :-)

Omg, is that you in that photo to the right? In that bikini? You look SO damn hot!