Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Last Man Standing

I got an email today about a 90th birthday celebration run. Here's more:
Paul Camerer is the oldest man (or woman) still running in races actively in Sacramento.

He turns 90 years old in December. When the members of his garage gym asked him how he wanted to celebrate, without a pause, he said that he wanted everone in Sacramento to join him for a 5k Run. Will you please join us on Sunday, December 21st (the last Sunday before Christmas) at "The Last Man Standing" annual 5K Walk and Run and pot luck?

Would you please also support the birthday celebration as follows:

1. Forward this invitation to your run/walk friends.

2. Include this in a newsletter of a group that you belong to.

3. Print and distribute to others.

Let's have a big party. Look at the picture below on the race entry form (entry fee is $10). Paul, aka "Pinkhouse" crossing the finish line as the runner on the last leg of the team division of the California International Marathon. Look for him at the finish line again this year and let him know that you are going to run with him at his 90th Birthday Party. Let me remind all of us who are younger than Paul but want to be running when we are 90 this: it is an honor to be able to run with a member of the Sacramento running community for the past fifty years (lifetime member of the Buffalo Chips), a decorated World War II officer, a retired Folsom High School teacher, and a volunteer to the Sacramento running community running aid stations for race directors whenever asked.

Please let me know if you're a Sacramento-area runner who would like to participate. The entry form is a crack up! I tried to include it here, but had formatting issues. If only you could see it, you'd see the age groups:

0 - 69
70 - 74
75 - 79
80 - 84
85 - 89
90 - 94
95 - 99
100 and over

And of course, the Waiver and Informed Consent section of the official race registration form:

WAIVER and INFORMED CONSENT: I am aware of the hazards inherent of choosing to get fit and run to celebrate Paul Camerer’s 90th birthday. The side effects of training and finishing may include more energy, increased metabolism, sense of wellbeing and happiness, loss of body fat, more friends, and being with my loved ones. I indemnify and release my parents and all others because it isn’t their fault. In case of emergency, please contact my friends and family and ask them to continue to support my commitment to participate in the LAST MAN STANDING 5K. If found off course, please send a run angel immediately to re-direct my efforts. I have read, understood, and agree to this release.

This is a run I do NOT want to miss!


Erik said...

That's awesome!! That sounds like a blast, I wish I was close enough to participate.


Jennifer said...

That's almost worth the miserable flight and few hundred dollars it would cost to fly to Sacremento. WOW. You'll have to get a pic with him and post it.

Julianne said...

Omigosh, what a cute run. I think this run will be really special. I loved the age categories! Hehe. When is the run?