Monday, September 11, 2006

Better late than never

I told myself I couldn't write another thing till I acknowledged all the wonderful comments friends have left on this weblog. So here goes...

Way back a long time ago, I mentioned that I love Rhymz Suhreal, a Christian group with some of the best music around. Well, Zak from Rhymz Surheal wrote a comment on my weblog -- talk about exciting! In his comment he wrote, "Don't forget, flowers won't bloom without the rain, and the cloud's Creator cares for every petal." Very cool!

Jennifer had a great perspective on the messages we learn as children as well as what we tell ourselves as adults. She studied hypnosis and says it really can work to change your internal program. I agree. I have some CDs from that I used a couple of years ago when I was trying to change my eating habits and deal with depression.

oldLobo continues to be my running expert, as well as the fastest person I know. Because of his blog and his comments, I purchased a foam roller for self-myofascial release (self massage) and it's really helped my sore quads and hamstrings recently. He also confirmed the wisdom of not doing a December marathon this year -- thanks Lobo!

Regarding my shopping woes post, Eileen wrote:

"I went shopping this weekend too. THAT SAME BABY was in the stall next to me too...screaming the entire time."

That totally cracked me up!

She wears her mom's diamond stud earrings every day. I (in a variation on this) wear my BFDs (big fake diamonds) as often as I want to. I think I'd be nervous wearing real diamond earrings, and I think every girl should have a pair of BFDs cuz they're shiney and pretty.

Also my fondest fantasy is that the What Not To Wear people come and make me over. Like you, I don't want the money (well, I do, to be perfectly honest!), but what I really want is the advice!!! I watch WNTW every single week as though there will be a test!

Jules and Doidle and Lori agreed on the shopping thing, which made me feel reassured and not alone -- thank you!!! Maybe we can all meet at the mall and help each other?? Or maybe Stacy and Clinton (WNTW) would like to transform some reluctant shoppers -- wouldn't THAT be the bomb?! Jen recommended Nordstrom and finding a sales clerk you can trust or going with a trusted friend. I'm trying that next (the Nordstrom thing, although if you're ever coming to Northern CA, we could shop...) :)

Jennifer, Irene, and Katie liked the SST workouts. I went both yesterday (with my kids!) and today. Yesterday's workout was interesting. It was a 20 minute progression. We sat on a -- well it was bigger than a medicine ball, but not as big as a stability ball. I had two 10 pound dumbbells. In the first minute, we stood up, kind of doing a hip thrust as you reached the top, and did a shoulder overhead press. Then you sat back down on the ball. At the end of minute one, you did two reps of this, butt touching the ball as you came back down. Then in minute three, three reps. It started to get hard around 10 or 11 minutes. All of a sudden, the rest time was way shorter and my quads and shoulders were burning. By minute 17, holy cow I was hurtin. But quit? Heck no! What a relief when we finished.

And finally, Eileen asked for a picture. At the Mather Mud run, a company took photos and there's one I like, but the pricing is so outrageous that I just can't buy it. But here's a link, in case anyone wants to see me and mud. And here's Tucker, who I still can't believe ran the entire 5 mile course!

As always, thank you to everyone who chooses to stop by this blog. It encourages me more than you may know!


Eileen said...

That is a great post....I feel honored to be mentioned A FEW TIMES!

You HAVE to buy both photos. You look amazing...your legs...I would kill for those legs! You look so strong and powerful and pretty, even under the mud. And Tucker covered in mud, you have get that one too....

Anonymous said...

Wow, great post! You look absolutely wonderful covered in mud. Wish I looked that good without. Ha!
Also, LOVED the picture of Tucker! What a trooper!

KatieFeldmom said...

OMG! I love the Mather Run pictures. How cool is that? I never hear dof it until I visited your blog. Looks like a lot of fun and congrats to Tucker for running the whole thing.