Sunday, September 03, 2006

Don't be stupid. Do something!

Ok, so I just got back from what was supposed to be an easy six mile run. About a mile into it, my hamstring started feeling twingey, so it turned into something else. Based on my new motto, I decided to scrap the plan for the run, but turned it into a race walk (which didn't hurt my hamstring) / walking hill repeat (also didn't hurt) / plyometric / skipping workout. My goal was to keep my heart rate up as though I was running, so whenever it started to get easy, I would skip or do a plyo (jumping jacks, tuck jumps, split lunges) until my heart rate was up, then continue walking fast. So here I sit, dripping sweat, after my nice little walk! Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes I look silly when I'm skipping down the street, but honestly, I couldn't possibly care less.

I keep forgetting to mention two moves, one new and one old, that I've tried recently that I really like. The new move is a Spiderman pushup. I found it in a book, but I forget which one. Anyway, it's a good strength and stretch movement all in one. And it helps if you don't care what you look like when you do it, cuz it does look strange. Here's what you do: get on the floor in a pushup position. Now bring one leg forward (kind of like you're doing a lunge) and bring the opposite arm forward. You'll look a little like Spiderman scaling a building, hence the name. Now do a pushup. Yes, it will feel awkward. Now bring the opposite leg forward as well as the other arm, then do a pushup. Keep going for as long as you choose. I did this three times, 10 pushups each time, and it was a good hard addition to a weight workout.

The old move is technically called a Bulgarian split squat, but makes more sense to me called torturous lunges with your back leg elevated on a bench. Darla, my trainer (who, incidentally I see on Tuesday for the first time in three months!) loves these. I love to hate them. So you do a normal lunge, but you do it with your back leg on a weight bench, and your front leg out far enough that when you bend, your knee isn't going in front of your toes. And when you come up from the lunge, squeeze your back glute as hard as you can. I guarantee you'll feel it the next day, and according to Darla, this move really lifts the rear view helping change pear butts into apple butts!

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jennifer said...

I LOVE Bulgarians! Ok, I really hate tem, but they really do the job and hit that hamstring tie-in. You will feel this one for days.

Hope the hamstring in feeling better. I think walking fast and adding plymetrics is a SUPER workout and probably better than straight running. But I don't want to get in trouble for saying that...hehe.