Friday, September 22, 2006

Moving forward

So I'm meeting with a painter on Monday, and I'm going to a couple of exercise equipment stores over the weekend so I can start narrowing down my list of what I'm going to use for training. I'm hoping to find a local source for these beautiful dumbbells. I've found them online, but shipping weights is expensive! What I like about these is that they're shiny (pleasing to the eye) AND they have urethane handles (pleasing to the hands). The drawbacks? They only go up to 15 pounds per dumbbell and they're expensive. These weights are ones I use at our gym. The handles aren't cushy like the blue ones, but they are pretty darn comfortable and don't stop at 15 pounds. What I may do is get the set that goes up to 15 pounds in the blue, and then add a 17.5, 20, and 25 pound pair of the other weights.

Also, I've decided that my training "uniform" will be a fitted t-shirt and some track shorts or track pants, depending on the season. It's easy to think "I have to show my muscles to be credible" but I don't think that's true at all. So my running tops -- the ones with bras in them that give me the racer back tan? -- I'll just save those for my runs.

One last thing -- I'm considering ditching the scale and bodyfat measurements, in favor of tape measure measurements (which the client can choose or not choose to know). The only purpose that knowing your weight or bodyfat percentage serve is to tell you if you're moving in the right direction. But circumference in inches tells you the same thing and it seems kinder. Oh, and maybe I'll encourage each client to pick an article of clothing that she can store at my house, then try on after 12 weeks or something like that. Again, it's a more reasonable measurement of progress, in my opinion.

Any thoughts on any of this? I'd sure love to hear 'em!


Irene said...

I like the idea of storing the clothing... It's a good incentive, however, each of us are motivated differently. I guess you can give your client the options and let them decide. Just my 2 cents. :) I like that you've thought about this. Most trainers just go by weigth, body fat % and measuring tape. No other incentives.

Eileen said...

I like the idea of letting the client decide. Some people are going to want to keep track of weight regardless.

I want to come to your house and work out!

So what other equipment will you have? I cannot wait to see how you set it all up!