Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fitness fun

So last night, me and Jesse McCartney (teen boy who sings my new favorite song) went out for a run/lunge/skip-fest. When I was on flat ground, which is hard to find here, I tried really pushing my speed and the hamstring felt great -- hooray!

Incidentally, the hill I've been using for hill play is just 3/10ths of a mile, but at its steepest, it's a 30% grade. No wonder you have to concentrate even when walking down!

As I think about my fun workout last night, my hope is that I can help infuse the women I train with the sense the fitness is fun and that moving and using your body can be playful and doesn't have to be a "have to", rather it's a "get to!" It's not like I look forward to every workout, but I LOVE how I feel after a hard training session, and if I build enough skipping or tossing medicine balls and other playground-like stuff, it really does feel like play!

On another note, I hurt my shoulder last week working at Bingo (carrying a 10-pound box of pull tabs for 5 hours) -- yes, I have a bingo injury! So today when I worked out with Darla, it was all lower body, holding 10 pound weights close to the body. And I'd showed her some notes I took from the Alwyn Cosgrove bodyweight training DVD, which was a mistake, cuz she had me do his leg matrix. In case anyone wants to try it, here it is:

24 squats
24 lunges (12 on each leg)
24 lunge jumps
24 squat jumps

I got through the squats and lunges with no problem, but did an internal "uh-oh" as I neared the half-way point on the lunge jumps. And the squat jumps were more like squat thuds. We'll see how legs feel tomorrow -- should be interesting!

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Eileen said...

On the playground-like stuff.....I think kids have the right idea. Play hard (outdoors preferably), eat frequent small meals and sleep like a log. Repeat tomorrow.

My husband did not know how to skip until a few years ago (he'd just never tried and it's one of those things that never really came up in his life). When Emily was about 7, she came home from school very upset because she didn't know how to skip either and they'd been required to do it in P.E. that day. So to make her feel better, Shane learned along with her (with me teaching). I wish I would have videotaped it because it was the funniest thing I've ever seen...the two of them skipping around the house like lunatics. But they did learn...and I got lots of laughs out of it all.