Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random thoughts

Did another workout with SST this morning. Here's what we did for 10 minutes:
5 ball slams*
10 pushups
15 bodyweight squats

* They have a special ball that is designed not to bounce, unless you SLAM it to the ground, and then it bounces up about 3". Using this ball, you slam it down, then quickly squat to grab it as it bounces.

I don't know if it sounds hard, but trust me, it IS hard!

Went to Costco after working out. They have the Cinnabon muffin mix. It's one of my trigger foods, and I just can't buy it. John Berardi has it right when he states that one of the laws of nutrition is this: if it is in your house, you will eat it. Period.


Irene said...

That is a killer workout with the ball. I had a trainer who would have me do that one! It's great for releasing pent up tension!

Anonymous said...

That workout sounds great! So true about what John Berardi says. I can't buy it and hope to save it for free day, it will be gone long before. So, I just don't buy it!

oldLobo said...

"If it is in your house..." absolutely true. When I started getting in shape again, I was absolutely ruthless about getting the crap food out of the house. If I really wanted that junk, I would have to go to the store and buy it, one serving at a time. I usually didn't want it that much and just ate what was there. It works.

jennifer said...

I love the workouts you come up with. They sound fun and hard. I like moves that require some thought and coordination too. Beats the sometimes monotonous pusng and pulling weight.
You always deliver, Leslie.

PS. Cinnabons...never tried one because I KNOW that would be a trigger food for me.