Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What I forgot!

Darn, darn, darn! There are two more important things, and they both have to do with Wife Swap!

First of all, Wife Swap is one of my favorite shows. If you think less of me for that, well I don't really blame you, but it's just so fun! The families are so extreme, that I feel highly virtuous by comparison. And I love the end part where they say what each family has learned -- heartwarming!

Ok, so I almost know someone who was on Wife Swap last week. Her name is Lisa Fine, and she's a professional organizer in our area. I've had her on my list of people to call for months now, and then saw her on the season premier of Wife Swap, the one with the pirate family. And get this -- one of my clients has been using Lisa for organizing services for two years now, and her family (my client's family) was filmed for that episode! Their footage wasn't used, but isn't that cool???? And yep, I'm still gonna call Lisa for some help with some problem areas.

But here's something even better. If you've watched Wife Swap, you know that the husbands and wives always run towards each other when they're reunited, and often the wife jumps into the husband's arms. Well, Tim and I were watching a Tivo'd show last night, and I commented that I couldn't wait till I'm small enough to do that. He told me I was plenty small now. We argued for a minute or two, then he got up, braced himself, and motioned me to run towards him. After several false starts and lots of giggling, I ran and jumped into his arms, and ... and ... it was lovely! He didn't fall or strain anything. And I felt protected and feminine and lovely as my strong husband walked me around the house. Thanks Tim!

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