Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy is better than idle

Remember a while back when I had too much time on my hands? Well, that's not a problem anymore, and I am so much happier! Today I worked with my client for just a few minutes (got her started and discussed nutrition), then met Darla for my workout. Then hit Trader Joe's, Costco, and grocery store. Had enough time to get home, unload, have lunch, and now it's off to the dentist, then picking up kids, supervising homework, transportation to gymnastics, watch them at gym and get a run in, get them home, dinner, homework, bedtime for kids, little time for me and Tim, bedtime for me. It's a busy schedule, but I'm not complaining one bit!!!

Tomorrow I start working with my second client, and Thursday my third. I am loving working as a trainer. If you're a church person, you may have taken a spiritual gifts test at one time or another. Well, every time I've taken that test, my number one gift is the gift of encouragement. Well, combine that with a love for and fascination about fitness, and let me tell you, working with people to get them fit feels like it's the perfect job!

On another note, if you get XM radio, you MUST check out Broadminded on Take 5, channel 155. It's three women in the mid-30s, I think, and they are so fun. The subjects change and range from music to sex to beauty to criminal cases to American Idol -- it's really all over the board. They are highly entertaining, but when they get on the subject of sex, make sure no kids are in the car, cuz it's no holds barred on how far they'll take a topic. Tim's started listening to them (especially when they talk sex) too!


Eileen said...

That's quite a day. I am now worn out.

Kara said...

Hi Leslie! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you that you have found your "fit" (no pun intended). You just sound thrilled to be personal training, and that's so great! I would hire you if I lived in SoCal, that's for sure. :-)

What are you charging? Are you giving your clients deals since you're starting out? Just curious...