Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comments, field trips, and websites

It is so encouraging when anyone reads what I write, but to have someone take the time to comment -- that's like the icing on the yummy cake that is Blogger! So big thank you's to everyone who took the time to write words of encouragement or advice -- it is much appreciated!

Greg directed me to a wonderful video on the Crossfit website about handstand/forward rolls. Thanks so much Greg! Over the weekend I got some one-on-one coaching from the owner of my kids' gym. As was shown in the video, he recommended doing candlesticks to train the body to go from handstand into forward roll, instead of from handstand into back splat, which is what I was doing!

Oh, one more note for Greg -- I'm planning to take some fitness field trips this spring, and BodyTribe is on my list of places to check out.

Fran stopped by which was very cool! Fran's workouts are a lot like mine, but harder -- check out her weblog here. Wish she lived closer!

Back on the subject of field trips, I also want to go to Palo Alto to visit Girya Kettlebell Training. As I mentioned a while back, I'm fascinated with kettlebells. I'm also fascinated by Tracy, who with her husband, owns Girya. Tracy has lost over 100 pounds in the last year or so and has managed to keep it off (!). The story of her weight loss is here, and her weblog is here.

Another website to check out is Simplefitness. This was created by a CrossFitter who wanted to simplify the CrossFit workouts for his friends and family. It truly is simple and he's done a great job of articulating not only what will work for fitness, but also some great (simple!) guidelines for nutrition.

Hello to Matt, Evelyne, Eileen, Katie, Erica, Jen, Laurie, Miss Petite America, Pamela, Colette, and anyone who I forgot to mention, cuz my head, although less pillow-ey today, is still not 100%. It is so fun to be a part of this virtual community of great people!


Pamela said...

Gees girl so many links to check out!
~lol~ seriously tho think.. more info is always a good thing :) I like the list from ThinkTQ..the idea of the word "choose" is HUGE .. one we should all remember!
& I read the kettlebell lady ( tracy) story...,very interesting!

Tracy said...

Leslie, I couldn't agree with you more about readers taking the time to comment! I've tried to leave a comment before, so I'm trying again!

Posting a blog takes alot of time and commitment, and when you get support and feedback it helps you want to do it more!

Here's to the blogging! Tracy