Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Planning client workouts

I honestly love what I do, and one of the most intriguing parts is planning workouts. To me it feels like a giant Sudoku puzzle. Here's the thought process (using me as an example client):

Ok, so she's wanting to lean out for a vacation in a few weeks. So we need plyometrics to really get her heart rate up and burn calories. And she wants to tighten lower body and abs. But she said her left knee has been sore and twingey, so can't do huge knee flexion. We need to talk about emphasizing high fiber carbs, as in VEGETABLES, as the trip gets closer. And I want to check how her water intake is going. So what did we do Monday...?

Those are the things that swirl around in my mind as I'm considering what to incorporate in a workout. And then, of course, I want to do new exercises for interest, but enough "old" things so there's a sense of mastery and "I know how to do this one!"

So what do I use as resources? Anything and EVERYTHING! I watch what other trainers do at the gym. I watch exercise DVD previews and do exercise DVDs. I read books and magazines and articles. And I try to find the very best of the best.

One resource that I'm so excited about I could squeal is the show "Work Out" on Bravo. Season 2 started last night and it's taking every bit of my willpower to NOT be watching it right now. I don't always agree with what they do, or even like the training styles, but it's an insider look at the training industry and it's FASCINATING!


Pamela said...

just checking in .. looks like your world is as busy as ever! I love that you are sooo into what you are doing for your clients! that is SOOO cool!

Lori said...

Good thing they show reruns cause I meant to catch that show last night an I missed it. I was busy watching Idol and the PUssy Cat Dolls reality shows.

Colette said...

I know for a fact that what ever you choose to do with your clients, they will be getting the best indavidual workout. I wonder how many other trainers out there take the time that you do to realy research new ways of doing things. You are the best!

Its funny, I've been reading around different blogs and we all seem to be going through simialar track eating! Something in the air?? Strange.

I hope you are having a great week, Leslie ;)

Irene said...

I also like watching that show!

I like that you're so individualized with your clients. I hope they appreciate it and follow your advice to the T. I had a trainer at a "corporate" gym who did everything by the book. It was just the run of the mill women's workout. He was a nice guy but it was a waste of my money.

Brit-Man said...

Whatever you do Leslie, don't ever stop believing in yourself or your methods.

Your success will be justification for all you are doing and will do, and that's what counts most, thinking outside of the box, and getting a great understanding of the individual, instead of fitting them into set boxes.

GOOD LUCK, you are doing brilliantly. You should be very, vey proud of yourself.

Jen said...

I missed it! WAAAHHH!!! I don't want her to go back with her old girlfriend. I didn't like that woman at all.