Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hi and answers

Matt, as always, your words encourage -- thank you!
Colette, I miss you! Do you want to borrow a book anytime soon?
Eileen, I value your friendship so much.
Katie, thanks for being you!
Stacy, hanging knees to elbows is where you hang from a pull-up bar and try to bring your knees up to your elbows, using your abs.
Laurie, Pamela, and Evelyne -- keep up the great work. I love following your progress!
Tracy, there was as little rest as possible in the CrossFit workout -- just enough to barely catch my breath. Mine sets were all broken, so like the burpees were done in five sets of 10, the wall ball was in 2 sets of 25, and so on. I don't do workouts that intense very much -- maybe once a week? Oh, and it took me about 35 minutes to complete it.

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