Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rock bags and Nike Marathon

The rock bags were a big hit yesterday. I put all nine of them at the base of the stairs. Initially I thought I'd have her bring all nine to the top of the stairs, but after just one trip up the stairs, it was evident I'd have to break it into sets. So I had her bring 3 bags up, then had her pull 3 bags (one at a time, sitting on BOSU), and then had her do a set of 10 counter pushups (using the counter in my laundry room, which is right next to the training room.) We did that sequence 3 times. She enjoyed it, and we'll be doing that whole sequence again!

So the Nike Women's Marathon and Half-Marathon is accepting registrations tomorrow (March 2) starting at 10:16 am. It's in San Francisco on October 21st (October is the best time to visit SF!). The course is supposed to be great. And you get a Tiffany-designed necklace and a special Nike technical t-shirt as your swag! Does anyone want to run with me? Irene is signed up (people who have run it before can sign up today -- lucky Irene!). My neighbor is signed up (lucky Jan!). I'm signing up for the half marathon -- I just don't have the desire to train for 26.2 miles. Well that and I just got back from running 7 miles and it was HARD!!! So yeah, 13.1 sounds about right. :)


KatieFeldmom said...

How fun - the workout and the marathon with Irene. Did I just say that I thought that workout was fun? What has come over me? ;o) Anyhoo, I will not be signing up for the run, but if the circumstances are right, I will be out there cheering you guys on!!!! I love SF!!!!!!!

Eileen said...


Brit-Man said...

Nothing you did would surprise me leslie, such is the scope of your athletic ability, and since you completed
a figure show last year, I think it entitles you to be called a bone fide athlete, just like any Olympic Gold

I know you'll give any half Marathon, total Heart, dedication, and commimtent. You undoubtedly have
massive reserves of emotional and mental strength, and you probably have the potential to make the top
40% in a race like that.

Keep up all the hard work. You know you are doing brilliantly, getting so much out of yourself, and being
an awesome rolemodel for your children, in the process.

WELL DONE, and keep wearing your Heart on your sleeve, it's a great part of your successes.

You always do yourself proud.

:-) :-).