Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend update

In no particular order, here's what's on my mind this weekend:

1. Both kids have decided to continue with gymnastics. How do I feel about that? Mixed. I stayed and watched almost 2 hours of practice last night, and my heart just swells with pride for how hard they work and what they can do. But truly, gymnastics at these levels changes a family. Any sport where you practice 15 - 20 hours a week year round would change a family. So I was looking forward to an easier schedule and more family time. But if this is what my kids love to do, and they can balance homework and practice and still be happy kids, then I'll support it all the way.

One win-win from their decision? They're both attending gymnastics camp at Stanford for a week this summer. It's a great opportunity for both of them and their coach is supportive of it. And me and Tim? Guess we'll be enjoying AN ENTIRE WEEK of just the two of us here!

2. I really need to post more pictures to break up my text-heavy blog entries. If only I could find the "younger/thinner" button my my camera for shots of me!

3. I went shopping for the first time since meeting with Stephanie, the image lady, and it was so much easier! Before I was a drive-by shopper -- in desperation I'd just grab anything that looked like it might kinda work, buy it, try it on and home, then return most of what I'd gotten. (Yeah, I'm sure salesclerks loved me!) What I really wanted was a uniform, cuz I hated to shop and hated to figure out what I was going to wear. That's changed now. What I learned from Stephanie was to really LOOK at what you are considering -- the color, the fabric, the cut, the details -- not to just go "ok, so it's a white shirt and I need a white shirt so GOOD!" I came home with two dresses, two pairs of capris, three tops, and two pairs of shoes. And I had a 20% off card for for Macy's, so that was even better. And the best part? I am confident that there will be NO RETURNS and NO REGRETS because it's all going to work!

4. My hamstrings definitely felt the love from Thursday's workout. On today's agenda is running with Sean (CardioCoach). Temps will be in the mid to high 70s here -- perfect!

5. Tim's golfing Pebble Beach and staying at the Lodge Monday and Tuesday. I'm sending positive swing thoughts your way, Tim!


Brit-Man said...

I think your blog content is just fine Leslie. It doesn't matter what you post, as it comes from the heart, and everything is a true and honest representation of you, so don't worry about what post, it's got intelligence, warmth, and feeling, and that's all it needs, whatever is in it.

I hope you are doing well, and I hope you keep finding more moments in your day to feel good about.

You are a wonderful person, and much appreciated.

Best wishes to you Leslie, and have a great day.

:-) :-).


FallenAngel said...

I found your blog through Tracy's.

Just wanted to tell you how great you look.

Laurie said...

After you find your younger/thinner button, can you show me where to find mine???

I wish I had the no returns no regrets feeling - I just hate shopping.