Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tired legs, happy heart

Today's workout was an hour-long run, broken into two parts. The first part was 30 minutes listening to an interview with Jim MacLaren about his first accident, his second accident, and how he continue to choose living. The interview was part of the CardioCoach CL workout. I don't have the words to describe the respect and admiration I have for Jim, or the impact listening to the interview had on my entire being.

The second part was the first 30 minutes of the CardioCoach CL workout. Quite a butt-kicker. One of the challenges is this, repeated 5 times:

1 minute hill
30 seconds rest
1 minute sprint
30 seconds rest

I know it sounds strange to do "hills" while running on the street, but it does work. The music's tempo slows down and you just try to push harder with each step.

The intensity of CardioCoach, combined with mostly clean eating, is causing some visible results, according to Tim. I should check the scale at some point, but I can feel my clothes fitting with ease and I can tell that my trouble spots (we all have them!) are less troublesome. I think it's the intensity of the workouts. They're HIIT, but they go on for anywhere from 30 minutes to almost an hour. And what's interesting about sprinting is that it works your arms and your abs, which is not surprising when you consider the mechanics of sprinting, but is not what I expected. Happy surprise, right?


Brit-Man said...

I almost never weigh. I did a few weeks ago, to see if I'd suffered any weight impact, from the reduced workouts resulting from my accident.

Everything appeared relatively okay, I think.

Just go by what you feel, and how you look, that's the main thing.

Unless someone really needs to weigh themselves regularly, like for a diet or something like that, then the only thing that would need weighing is their food :-) :-).

WELL DONE, and keep up the hard work. You are putting a guy like me in the shade, but as you always brighten up anyones day, that's as good a place as any for me to be.

You should be very, very proud of yourself.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

You go girl!! This just proves to me that I need to get my butt outside and do some good heart pounding cardio! This has got to make you feel great...having hubby notice ;)

Big hug to you ((( ))))

Eileen said...

I'm going to disagree with you here. It's not just the intensity that's getting you results...I think it is the VARIETY. You do a lot of different things...your body has no choice but to shape up to keep up.

I like your approach. As someone who gets bored very easily, I like a lot of change.