Thursday, March 29, 2007


Instead of doing 5 CardioCoach workouts or something easy like that, Tim (who is back from Pebble Beach -- hooray!) convinced me to do today's CrossFit workout. I don't know what CF calls it, but my nickname for it is "hell!" Here it is:

50 burpees
50 wall ball shots (using 16 pound med ball)
50 push press (I used 18 pound Body Bar)
50 walking lunges
50 double unders (yeah, right -- I did 200 regular jump rope jumps)
50 box jumps (20" box)
50 kettlebell swings (I used 20 pound kettlebell)
50 hanging knees to elbows
50 back extensions
50 jumping pullups (my arms were so fried that I didn't even attempt these -- felt it would be unsafe)

I think the BodyBugg will show a million calories burned for sure!

Oh, and I started my day with the Cathe DrillMax DVD. I mostly liked it. I'm not that into step though, so the few step intervals were kinda "meh" for me, but I really liked the intensity of the workout, how she changed the tempo of the exercises (like doing plie squats where you go up-down-up-hold, then down-up-down-hold) and the variety. But maybe I'm just stuck in the 80s, cuz I'm truly a FIRM Believer at heart!


Anonymous said...

Help - what are hanging knees to elbows?? Stacy

Tracy said...

How long was the rest period between sets, and how long was the entire workout?

Colette said...

OUCH!! How do you do it???!!! Anyway, nice that hubby is back and your loving your bodybug. Hope your not going to be to sore after that awesome workout ;)

Have a super weekend!!

Brit-Man said...

I think most things would be Meh for you Leslie, such is your tenacious desire to push yourself further than is almost humanly possible ;-) ;-).

You are doing brilliantly though, so WELL DONE, and keep up the hard work.

Your words constatly inspire and amaze.

:-) :-)