Monday, July 31, 2006

The George?

I got Precision Nutrition and am wading my way through their very well-done interesting materials. They are fans of "The George" (Foreman) grill. Has anyone ever tried one of these? If so, what do you think? Any info is greatly appreciated!


Eileen said...

Definitely get one. Very useful. The only issue I ever had with mine is that it was the big one and it took up too much space in the cabinet.

I am George-less right now...we lost 2 of them in the flood (one still in the box) and I keep forgetting to get a replacement. But I will...soon.

So how do you like Precision Nutrition? Do you think it is worth $97 or whatever it is?

Jules said...

Don't know about the grill, but I'm a fan of Berardi and am following his guidance now. You may already be familiar w/ t-nation, but if not, be sure to check out all the great articles by him and other fitness gurus:

Irene said...

I have the big one and we do use it if I don't feel like reving up the barbecue, but I would definetly get the one with the removable grills, which would be easier to clean.

Shelly Egan said...

I had one briefly, but I found it never really cooked in the middle. But that may very well be operator error. Thats why I married a cook. : )