Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moving forward and loving it

Something must be working in my favor, cuz I'm starting to do things I've wanted to do for years. Specifically, I'm studying to be a personal trainer (insert squeal of excitement here!).

I have been fascinated by fitness for decades (literally) now and have a substantial library on everything from weight training to running to yoga and Pilates, as well as great books on motivation and diet. And I've read them all -- honest! But it's been a decade since I worked outside the home (thank you Tim -- incidentally, he and I are back on track and digging each other in a major way, which is FUN!), and it's been hard to know what to do with myself. When the kids were small, THEY were what I did. But they're 12 and 10 now, and I have too much time on my hands. (As I type this, Austin's upstairs listening to music, and Tucker's outside skateboarding with friends.)

So like 4 years ago I bought the study materials for the AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer certification and have done nothing with them since. Well, actually I've moved them from place to place and left them out in the hopes I will be inspired. To cut to the chase here, today I spent an hour studying. That is HUGE for me, the girl who's always in "ready" mode.

I've got some studying to do... :)

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