Monday, July 24, 2006

I Don't Like My Number

I am a member of the church of "The Number on the Scale Doesn't Matter." I can talk body composition and muscle mass vs. fat pounds, and how someone can be "skinny fat" all day long. But right now I hate my number.

It started when I read an article in Runners World talking about Clydesdale and Athena (translation: heavy) runners. And they mentioned that the Athena division is for women 150 pounds and over. Holy crap. I'm only 11 pounds away from that. (And the first time I typed this, I lied and said I was 12 pounds away, which tells you how crazy my head is right now.)

So I'm feeling like a beast, even though my clothes are loose because of the miles I've been running. And the truth is (this is me in my right mind now!) I would like to lose 5 - 7 pounds before the marathon, because the less you weigh, the less strain you're putting on your joints as you run. (Note to my friend OldLobo: I WILL be careful as I try to lose weight and train for distance.)

But for right now I'm left feeling like a heffalump. Now if I can just channel this feeling into food and exercise discipline... :)


Eileen said...

Scales are evil. I just went to the doctor, so I had to step on THAT evil thing. It is a beast.

oldLobo said...

I've just been freaked out a little by my scale. I have started weighing myself 1xweek after my long run, but I didn't do a long run this Sunday and weighed myself anyway. Consequently, 5 lbs appeared out of nowhere. I know what I've been eating and how much mileage I'd been doing, so I figured that something had to be off. Sure enough, I weighed myself after running 9 miles this morning and the 5 lbs had disappeared. It's been pretty hot here, too and hydration counted for more than I realized.

The lesson is: don't weigh yourself too often and try to make the conditions consistent. Next time something like this happens, I'm just going to skip the weigh in. The number is meaningless.

Jules said...

Step away from the scale! You, little missy, need to get back on track with church doctrine.

Athena? Heffalump? That's quite a stretch from the photos I've seen. Seriously, how does a distance runner lose more fat ... is it all in the diet? I mean, you're already burning so many calories, then again, I'd imagine you eat a good deal of carbs. Does extra lifting help shed the fat?