Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is there anything else besides running?

This week I intend to talk about studying for a personal trainer certification (through NASM -- got the materials over the weekend and I'm so excited), my upper body weight workouts (cuz Jules asked), eating better, and other non-running stuff. But right now, I want to talk running.

My running skirt
Today was its first outing, and I think I like it. It's VERY comfortable, and I like that it feels feminine and kinda sexy/flirty good, you know? It's not nearly as twirly as a tennis skirt (I'd practically take up tennis cuz of the cuteness of the clothes), but very functional, and way cuter than running shorts. I got mine from runningskirts.com. I noticed in the new Nike Woman catalog that they now have a running skirt, so you may be seeing more of them on the roads.

Running "jewelry"
Sometimes I feel like have too much stuff that I run with. But today it occurred to me that shifting my perspective could make a difference. So I'd like to present my running jewelry:

Ok, so I've waited for 10 minutes to post a picture and it's NOT happening. Picture, if you will, an iPod, some sunglasses, a Runners ID id tag, and a Forerunner. That, my friends, is my running jewelry.

Good run
Just got back from 7 miles at an 8:39 pace, which includes the crazy steep hill pictured on my Flickr thingey. I couldn't run the whole hill, but as I get in better condition that will be my goal.

Time to mom-up and get Austin to Sac State for his class. Yep, my 12-year-old is going to college. (Ok, I'm cracking up now!) Bue seriously, Austin is taking a class at the local college. He's part of a program where 6th - 9th graders who are recommended by their teachers get to take accelerated classes at CSUS. Austin wants to do gymnastics through college and right now he practices 18 hours a week. With Junior High starting, he's GOT to be efficient with his non-school time. The course he's taking is called "Learning Strategies and Study Skills." Perfect!

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Greg said...

Wow, they have running skirts? I might have to look into that. Y'know a Scottish thing. I'm Norwegian but, who'll no the difference? Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked which program I used to create my programs with? I used Adobe Indesign for the Waterbury and I used Excel for the TBT workout. I would love to see what you come up with when you do this, if you don’t mind? Well have an awesome time creating! -Greg