Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th everyone!

We're getting ready for our 4th annual 4th of July party. We usually end up with around 50 people or so, but it's hard to say how many, cuz they just won't hold still and be counted! Anyway, there are flowers to be planted and food to be prepped and of course there will be a last-minute trip to the grocery store, cuz we didn't buy enough at Costco the other day -- HA!

In case you're an Aerosmith fan like me, you should know that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are joining the Boston Pops orchestra for a fireworks show that's beeing broadcast on CBS tonight. I've got BOTH Tivos set to tape, just in case something goes wrong with one or the other.

Ok, so it's been two whole paragraphs with no mention of running! Tim's started teasing me about how I immerse myself in a subject when it interests me, and since this weblog is not called "Running and Running Alone" (a nod to "Corn and Corn Alone" lunch from Teen Girl Squad!), I have decided to mellow out a bit. Not about actually running, but about writing about it. This morning I did a quick 6 miles as penance for the chocolate malt balls and dark chocolate raisins I ate last night. And that's all I have to say about running (for now!).

So it's time to go hose down the patio and plant flowers and start getting ready. Party time is only 6 hours away.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Lori said...

Well did you see Steven and Joe??? I sure did. You should visit my blog. My boyfriend is always amazed at it all.