Thursday, July 20, 2006

Update on some random stuff

Just a quick note as I cool down from a 7 mile run and get ready to "mom-up" for the day.

I'm cutting back on miles this week. I'm concerned that 35 - 40 miles per week is a big jump in mileage that could lead to injury. Also I've been really tired for the last few days, and that could be a sign of overtraining. (It could also be a sign of wanting the heat to go away!) So I'm shooting for 25 - 30 this week and gonna see how that feels.

I've been listening to a podcase I love -- it's called Phedippidations and you can download it at You should check it out.

Also running related, I'm still super hungry. Here's a real-life conversation between me and Tim the other night:

Me: I hate that I'm so hungry all the time!
Tim: I'm not touching that. I have learned. I am experienced!
Me: That was NOT a test, but you passed with an A!

Thank you, Tim
This week (and the next two weeks) my older son is taking a class at the college. It's a program designed for 6th - 9th graders and it's an honor to be asked to participate. But the transportation needs are a little daunting. It takes almost 4 hours of driving to get him there and back for his 3 hour class. Today's schedule for me is super fragmented, with only about 45 minutes of "free" time between each and every schduled thing I need to do. But Tim offered to take Austin to class this morning so I could fit in a run. THANK YOU TIM! You are very appreciated.

Yesterday I woke up with my own personal rain cloud and didn't really know what to do about it. We had nothing scheduled, and I really do want the kids to have some unstructured time, but in order for that to happen, I need to just kind of hang out here, which intensifies that trapped lonely feeling. Well, to make a long story short, I decided that I was NOT letting depression get its claws into me. So at every turn where I had a choice to make, I chose something that led towards health and optimism, rather than depression and darkness. Was it a great day? Nope. But it was SO MUCH BETTER than those kind of days usually are.

Work Out
Did you watch? I was fascinated by it! No deep analysis here, but I love seeing how trainers work with clients, and how other gyms operate. If you go onto the Bravo website, there's a neat treadmill warmup/workout, as well as some good basic info on lunges and squats (in video form).

We'll be at 6900 feet camping this weekend, which Tim assures me means we won't be in 100 degree plus heat. I always dread camping (used to love it -- then got spoiled by nice hotels!), but end up totally loving it. Must remember this fact...

Our puppy dog
Someone who has an on-line jigsaw puzzle website contacted me about using one of my Flickr pictures for his site. Click here to check out Reagan on the web!

I read a number of weblogs, but don't do a lot of commenting. And I should, cuz I LOVE hearing from anyone who reads my weblog. One of these days I'm going to reply to comments like FV Tom does in his actual weblog entries. In the meantime, comments are the bomb -- THANK YOU!


oldLobo said...

Fatigue + hunger = It was probably a good idea to cut back a bit on your training.

I'm not a psychologist or anything, but those just might be contributing factors to depression as well. I'd take a good look at my diet if I were in your shoes.

Anyway, thanks for bringing the CIM to my attention. It looks like it would suit me well.

FV Tom said...

Hope you have a good time camping but I'm with you. As a kid, we camped a lot. As an adult, I love timeshare condos!

Jules said...

I watched Work Out, too, but wasn't impressed. Too much high drama for me. Have fun camping this weekend. I responded to your digital scrapping questions on my blog.

Dori said...

I like Steve Runner too. And my running goal is always twofold: get to the finish line, and don't hurt myself doing it.

fitnessfreak said...

Way to listen to your body. Sometimes I tend to ignore mine only to regret it.