Monday, July 10, 2006

My personal rundown

I think there's something on the Internet called the Rundown, which is a list of running weblogs. This is not that. Rather, here's a post solely dedicated to my newest passion which is running.
  • I ran 36 miles last week, which makes me happy. I'm trying to build to a base of 35 - 40 miles per week before I start the actual training for CIM in December.
  • On that note, YES, I am running CIM in December. And I have an aggressive goal: I want to qualify for Boston. At my age, all I have to do is run a 3 hour something marathon -- anything in the 3's will get me in. And based on my 1:47 half marathon in November, every race calculator I can find thinks I can easily to a sub-4:00 marathon. So even though it will be my first, I wanna do something big, and I think this qualifies as big!
  • Tim is a big-time technophile, and a little of that has rubbed off on me. So I got a running toy -- a Garmin Forerunner. It's like a computer that you wear on your wrist (!) and it tracks your mileage and pace and when you link it to your computer, you can do all sorts of cool stuff. I am having a great time playing with it, and LOVING not having to drive every single place I run to see how far it is -- now I just run!
  • Even though I sound like I like to run, the truth is that I dread running before I actually get started. I'd much rather think about running, or read about running, or eat as though I run (!) than go for a run. But after the first mile that changes, and I start to enjoy the running process. My breathing smooths out and my legs stop feeling awkward, and it feels good to be alive and strong and free.
  • Ummmm, I think that's all I have to say about running right now.


FV Tom said...

Just stopping by to say hi!

You are really getting high tech into running. Good for you.

Me? I avoid running at all costs!

be good.

Miss Fit said...

Hi Leslie,

I've visited your blog in the past and just stopped by last week to post a comment, but my computer crashed and I forgot what I was in the middle of...!

Anyway, I'm in Fresno so not too far from Sacramento and it's been HOT! I felt so bad for your runners a few weeks ago.

I'm going to add you to my links so I don't forget your blog again. It's great and you're definitely an inspiration!

All the best,

Shelly Egan said...

YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION.... Motivation too! I want to be just like my big sister when I grow up!!! : )