Sunday, August 05, 2007

Birthday ideas?

Austin's turning 14 in 2-1/2 weeks and has no idea of what he wants to do for his birthday. We came up with ATVing which is perfect for my adventure-loving son, but since we have to rent ATVs, he doesn't want to do it, because he can't drive. Last year we did a party and told him we'd do a party every other year. So this is a no-party year, but we still want to do something fun for him. Any ideas, friends???


Anonymous said...

Paint Ball War??

Irene said...

Since my kids turned about 15/16 they really haven't wanted any big parties or anything. My son will opt for dinner at his favorite restaurant for dinner. I know, that's not exciting but that's what he now wants... Paint ball war sounds like a blast (like Stacy suggested). I hope you find something fun for him!

Brit-Man said...

You could try something like Karting, as it's kind of like beginners driving, but it comes with a competitive edge.

Anyway, whatever happens, you'll make the fight choice for you and him. You're a wonderful parent, so you'll not fail to do right by him, in any situation.

Take care Leslie, and have a brilliant day :-) :-).


doidle said...

Leslie, I don't think I've commented on your blog yet, but I love to read it. Anyway, I wanted to say I have a girl crush on Holly Hunter too!!!! She is SO cool. I'm dvr'ing Saving Grace. Haven't seen it yet.

KatieFeldmom said...

Over on Bradshaw and Highway 50, there is a giant "real" go cart race thing. Called RPM Racing. It's not like SunSplash or Scandia. They are real and they have tournaments and all that fun stuff. Check it out here:

Colette said...

Both my kids stopped wanting party's around age 11-13.

What they truely enjoy doing now is having a best friend join them on their birthday, and pick out ANY place for dinner (family included), and come home for a family party/cake. Of course, Ashley loves going on a shopping spree on top of this.

Since we don't spend money on a party, we end up giving more money to them.

I think at a certain age, they just want to enjoy there day and gifts. So, I offer a party and let them know they can do whatever they want, and if they can't think of anything, or just don't want to do anything, then so be it. It's there day.

chantal2bfit said...

Whitewater rafting?

Anonymous said...

I like the carting idea too. That or paintball. :)