Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 3

So far, so good. Probably the most notable thing about the changes I'm making is that I'm becoming aware of how very negative my self-talk is. Tim suggested yesterday that I think about taking some of the free classes at the Apple store. My first thought (and comment)? Too far, takes too much time. This morning he was heading out to golf and all I could think of is how trapped the kids make me feel.

While the Apple store is 30 minutes away, and I do need to stay home with the kids at times (it's the way we've chosen to do the parenting thing), it's ridiculous to only see the bad in the situation. Ummmm, yeah I could drive 30 minutes for an interesting class. And my kids are 14 (in 3 weeks) and 11, not 4 and 1! (Although the other day I was gone for 30 minutes at the grocery store, and when I came back all hell had broken loose. Ok, but that's feeding the whole negative thing and I don't even want to go there!) Anyway, the point is that I do have autonomy in my life to the degree that I'll choose it!

On a lighter note, has anyone checked out "Saving Grace" on TNT? I LOVE that show!!! We have very little time for TV now that our kids don't have an early bedtime and want to watch whatever we're watching (with a TV-MA rating, we do not let the kids watch Grace with us). But we'll make it a point to find time to watch this.

And speaking of Holly Hunter, Tony asked me to find a picture to use as a goal of where I'd like to be, and I think Holly Hunter is IT! But I'm still searching for the right picture...

Finally, green tea extract is a wonderful thing, in case you're looking for something that's healthy AND increases your energy. I've read about it for a while now, and can't believe it's taken me thing long to try it.


Eileen said...

I would think you could leave your kids at home alone more. Establish some ground rules and see how it goes. I leave Kelly (11) home with Caitlyn (5) for an hour or so at a time and they do great...they set the house alarm, don't answer the door, no leaving, etc. If Emily is home too (15) it's a no brainer.

Take the class. I do understand the trapped feeling though. And I have the same self-talk about how all these people limit me...but it's really ME limiting me most of the time.

KatieFeldmom said...

I love the green tea extract!!! Gives me that jumpstart that I need every morning.

Stef said...

I'm with Eileen....take the class and get out of the house for some needed "me time". Make some very specific rules and go for it!


Colette said...

Eileen is right. Your kids are for sure old enough to stay at home for an hour or more. Set the rules, and if they need you, you have a cell phone. If you don't do this, your negative feelings could show through to them...that wouldn't be a good thing. We all need "me" time to make the family a happy place ;)

Brit-Man said...

Leslie keep taking each day as it comes, and don't worry about making these decisions.

You're a wonderful, wonderful parent, and any decisions like this you make, you'll do the right thing for you, whatever the result is.

So just trust your Head and your Heart for guidance, and be strong.

You'll be fine misses honestly.


:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

My girls are 14 (15 in a few days) and 12. Just recently I've been brave enough to leave them alone for a little while. I understand where you're coming from. But, like everyone said with cell phones and such, you're only a phone call away. But, you need to do it when you're ready. You don't want to be adding stress if leaving them alone will only be more stressful to you than not.

I haven't had the chance to watch Saving Grace yet. It looks like a really good show and I love Holly Hunter. I'll have to record it one night.

I love Green Tea Extract. I KNEW there was something I meant to pick up at the health food store!

Tracy said...

Leslie, I so glad you're recognzing your negative talk!

Meeting you in person, you're so up beat, motivated and inspirational, but sometimes when I read your blog, it puzzels me how you can focus on the negative, especially about yourself.

You rock, you're a strong woman.... feel it...everyday!