Thursday, August 02, 2007

Girl crush

I have a huge crush on Holly Hunter. I want to be exactly like her in Saving Grace, except for the promiscuity and alcoholism, of course. That sounds funny, but what I find so appealing is the spirit with which she engages life. I even put a little braid in my hair (which I've gotten tons of compliments on) and it helps me to feel sassy and good.


Brit-Man said...

Some people do find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, but if it helps, just go for it.

Hopefully you'll never change the things that make you truly you though, as those are amazing qualities to be proud of.

Take care Leslie.

:-) :-).


Stef said...

I have always liked her!


Colette said...

She is a pretty woman, but I know you and have seen are WAY hotter and prettier girlfriend! No lie.

You'll have to post a pic of your braid. It's nice to know that something so small can make us feel so good.

Have a super day!