Tuesday, August 28, 2007


...doing my own workouts. Here's what today looked like:

Goal: work chest & shoulders, burn calories (always!)
Bench press (used 45 pound olympic bar), 20 reps, 15 reps, 15 reps
BOSU pushups (one hand on dome side of BOSU), 10 total (5 each side), 10, 10
Overhead press, 15 pounds, 15 reps
Arnold press, 12.5 pounds, 15 reps, 15 reps
Bodyweight squats on flat side of BOSU, 20 reps, 20 reps
Freemotion shoulder press, 15 reps, 15 reps (no idea what weight)

ARC trainer -- 30 minutes while reading The Raw 50, by Carol Alt.

In an attempt to start to recognize friends who comment or ask questions, I'll try to answer Eileen's question about the Reebok deck. Yes, it is expensive, but it's well made and seems to work quite well as a multi-purpose fitness tool. Before I invested in it, though, I'd see if what I already had would work -- like using a ball as a bench when lifting weights, for example. Then again, sometimes you just feel like you need something new to pique your interest. Ok, so I've basically said nothing, darn it, but those are my thoughts.

Hi Matt!
Hi Colette!
Hi Stacy!
Hi Sonniejane!
Hi Tracy!
Hi Evelyne!
Hi Irene!
Hi Chantal!
Hi Laurie!
Hi Em!

(How happy I feel to have such nice people to say hi to!)

Time to eat lunch (salad -- lots of fresh organic greens, ACV dressing, and protein and water) and get ready for my 1:15 client. Have a great day!


Laurie said...

Sounds like you're doing great! I glad you got so much from your time with Tony. I learned a lot myself, but it is kind of fun doing your own workouts again - change is good. Hi to you too!

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm putting a BOSU on my Christmas list again. I didn't get one last year only because my mother had no idea what the heck it was. Once I showed her, she knew what I was talking about.

Brit-Man said...

Hi Leslie, waves hand in a stupid half awake fashion :-p :-p.

GOOD LUCK with everything you're doing, and don't stop pushing for what you want. You're doing fantastically yeah :-).

Irene said...

It is great to have people to say hi to!

HI!!! *Waves*

It sounds like everything is going along great!

sonniejane said...

ACV dressing! I think I would die. I hate ACV but tell me more.

Colette said...

Hi Leslie!

Workout looks great!