Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still here and coming up for air

We're all adjusting to the new normal that is the school year. Yesterday was the first day of school AND Austin's actual birthday, so I baked a "first day" cake (a tradition in our family to celebrate school starting) AND cupcakes, and didn't have a single bite, lick, or fingerfull of any of it. Today I've felt ravenous all day, and although I've tried to make smart choices, I know my calories have been high.

I intended to get to the gym at 5:30, but we had a power outage last night, so the alarm didn't go off. Why is it relatively easy to get up at 5:15, but nearly impossible to get up at 6:50?! Trained a new client this morning -- fun -- then it was off to the gym for me (chest, lower body, 20 minutes ARC trainer). And because I gave in to a toast/sunflower seed butter/honey snack this afternoon, I did another workout in the training room tonight (1 minute on, 1 minute rest of Kb swings, step ups on 12" box, mountain climbers, stuff like that for 20 minutes).

One thing I'm starting to realize is that I'm good at what I do. For most of my life I've lived with impossibly high personal standards, and this belief: if I am good at something, everyone else is good at it too, and probably better. And if I'm not good at something, well everyone else is good at it for sure. So for the last few months I've been feeling imposter-ish in training clients. But I was thinking about this the other night, and the truth is that I put everything I can into helping women change their lives. I read incessantly. I choose exercises with care and a tremendous amount of thought. And I do everything in my power to motivate, guide, and teach my clients. (Tempted to erase -- hope it doesn't sound prideful...)

This weekend I'll be at a continuing education seminar that's being taught by one of the top men at NASM (the organization I'm certified through). I can't wait! One of the drawbacks to setting up my own training studio (as opposed to working in a gym) is that I don't have other people to bounce ideas or situations off of. So hanging out for a weekend with other trainers is really something to look forward to.


Stacy said...

Putting my 2 cents in - I've trained with Leslie and I can say without sounding prideful that she is motivating, guiding and caring!! Stacy

Brit-Man said...

Leslie, you don't sound anything but honest and genuine.

You don't have any sides to you, there's no ego, no inflated sense of self, it's all honest, genuine and heartfelt expession, and it's always worth a lot.

So no worries aboiut anything, you just need to keep doing what's best for you, and don't doubt yourself.

You're doing terrifically well, and you don't have to feel anything but pride and happiness, for what you've done.

You're a true, genuine, honest, warm, and human person, and a wonderful advertisment for being a lady, so keep smiling, keep believing, and don't doubt yourself, or create negatives that aren't there.

You're amazing, and it's way o.k to feel like that. It will never make you bigheaded.

Best wishes to you and GOOD LUCK with everything. You're a terrific human success story, and you deserve everything you have and will have.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

I hope you really enjoy this weekend! You do not sound prideful, but you should be proud. You are doing something wonderful and making a difference in this world. That's definitely something to be proud of.

Yay for back to school and yay for you not licking a spoon!

Colette said...

I think you sound confident...and that is something you should be feeling. You have worked hard to get where you are. You DO motivate people, and it shows that you are not just a cookie-cutter trainer. You should be holding your head up high and in your heart you need to know that you are great at training clients and great at so many other things as well.

How did you not even lick the spoon?? You are strong ;) Yep, school is back for my kids today. I love a way ;)