Thursday, August 30, 2007

Too darn hot!

I try to run in the heat, dousing my head with ice water at every mile. I take Bikram Yoga so that I can handle the heat. But when it's 106 degrees outside, it's just too darn hot. Now I know how cookies feel when they enter the oven!


KatieFeldmom said...

Man, I hear ya. Well, except for running in the heat. All we did was walk the State Fair in it. But I can't imagine running in it.

As for the planks .... thanks for the neat tip. I'll have to try those soon.

Eileen said...



A/C set to 68 degrees.

I would think that anything over 90 degrees would be too hot to run in...but maybe you guys don't have high humidity like us?

Brit-Man said...

Now, now, we don't want any talk of things like Cookies here do we :-p.

Don't want to tempt fate. We could however pretend that said Chicken Breast instead, if that helps in any way to esuage any possible guilt ;-) ;-).

Hope you're doing well Leslie. GOOD LUCK, and just keep being you.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

I'm with you!! This heat is killing me! I'm just glad I joined that gym so I'm inside nice and cool ;)


Irene said...

LOL...What is it with this heat? I'm laughing. You also mentioned cookies in your blog post. Me too.

Think cool thoughts!

Laurie said...

hmmmmm, cookies

Anonymous said...

Here I am complaining of 80 degree heat! HAH! What do I know of heat?? Running in THAT kind of heat, you are so dedicated! Nope, cookies aren't doing a thing for me.