Monday, August 13, 2007

Fitness Update

Ok so I'm starting week 3 of the Tony plan. I've benefitted from working with Tony and using his plan, for sure. Here's my take so far:


Tony knows what he's doing and he's a great coach -- talking to him is motivating and eye opening.

The accountability factor is huge -- knowing you'll be receiving a workout via email and will be entering your results -- fantastic!

I like the variety of sets and reps.

I'm lifting heavier weights than I would normally lift.

Really like the ACV/LJ thing, as well as using green tea extract -- I will keep both for a lifetime.

Feel like I may have broken my nighttime cereal addiction.

Have lost 7 pounds and feel lean and strong.


Diet makes me feel separate from my family. Don't tell, but I've been cheating by having raw almonds as a snack, and by eating fresh peaches daily. Oh, and over the weekend I had two diet pepsi's -- wish I didn't love them so much!

My preference is full-body workouts with free weights, and most of my workouts are a little more bodypart specific and use gym machines (which I said I would do, but I don't enjoy).

To be fair, a diet that emphasizes fresh natural foods and getting many carbs from vegetables is healthy beyond belief. I just wish I liked it more. I DO like closing in on the low 130s, and I like how defined my muscles look. The picture at the top was taken a week ago, and even from then till now I see changes -- my arms and shoulders are more defined, and my waist is narrower. But tonight I'm "cheating" and having turkey chili with my family -- I think the black beans in it are a no-no, but I'm feeling rebellious (plus I made the chili and it's fantastic!).

I think it will feel good to wear a bikini in Hawaii -- hooray!

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Eileen said...

7 pounds? You are doing so great!

And wow...your picture looks so good. Fit and healthy. I love it.

Beans are moderation. And almonds are definitely ok with him...that's what gets me through the day most of the time.

The severe restriction of his plan is temporary...he does allow for more variety as you've been at it a while, provided you watch your portions (which I know you will).

Again, you look great!