Friday, August 10, 2007

Crazy busy life

This week we've packed in so many fun things that I'm relieved that tonight we're just staying home! Monday and Tuesday our friends from San Diego and their kids were here to visit. On Monday we headed to UC Davis (their alma mater -- these are friends of Tim's from college) and adults and kids rode bikes around campus, and Rick, Nancy, and Tim reminisced about college life. Here's the four grownups in front of the Tercero Dining Commons:
On Wednesday the neighborhood grownups went on our annual boat trip. This year Folsom Lake is really low, so we went out on the Sacramento River -- just beautiful! Here's us before launching (don't look for me -- I'm the one taking the picture!):

And here's the view on the river at sunset:

Yesterday I played my first complete nine holes of golf. I donned my golf costume (sorry Tim, but that's what it is!) and we went out with my brother and sister-in-law. 3/4 of this group golfs regularly and are really good golfers, and those people treated this non-golfer with so much love and care that she had a GREAT time and will do it again! And on the last hole, I drove the ball 140 long straight yards in the direction I wanted it to go. Tim was elated. I'm still thinking I should retire right now, cuz it ain't gonna get better than that!


KatieFeldmom said...

LOL at golf costume!!! YAY for you on your first golf game.

Isn't Sacramento one of the prettiest places around? Loved the sunset / Tower Bridge picture.

Colette said...

Great pictures!

I think of the golf clothes that same way. I don't see the point anymore...just keeping it yuppy I guess ;) You did great though...sure you don't want to take up golf? ;)

Tim's friends look nice. Glad you had a nice time.