Friday, July 25, 2008

Car dealership frustration workout

On Wednesday I took my car to the Toyota dealership to have them do work that they said would take 30 minutes. Well, the work ended up taking 2 hours (WTF?) and about 90 minutes in, I was just angry! I was dressed casually enough that I could channel my frustrations into a workout.

I found a 12" curb and used it to do this:
10 pushups
10 dips
10 squats (using curb as a reference point)
10 knee-ins (balanced on the curb)
10 pulsing lunges

I repeated this sequence 5 times. And I have no idea why I was surprised when my glutes were getting sore by that evening -- pulsing lunges ALWAYS break my a$$!


Colette said...

You amaze me! You are the only one I know that can take a situation like that and figure out how to get a workout in! I would never have thought about doing that!

Big congrats on the dinners. They sound very yummy.

Brit-Man said...

I hope all is well for you.

Best wishes and take care :-) :-).