Thursday, July 31, 2008

dailymile Weekly Challenge

I signed up for the Weekly Challenge over at dailymile. The challenge was to find $1.00 in change on a run. And if you couldn't find change, you could submit a picture of an interesting discarded item. So on today's 5 mile run, I brought the camera.

I considered and rejected the idea of taking pictures of leaves (too common), sticks (ditto), garbage (yuck), dog poo (double yuck), and a discarded utility bill (because I'm not an identity thief). Here's what I did find:

This sweatshirt was at the elementary school playground. School's not even in session, and yet kids manage to misplace sweatshirts?!?!

I have no idea what this is, but it's metal and it was alongside the road. If it's a part of a car, I'm fairly certain the owner is missing it!

While both of these items are somewhat interesting, the item I chose to submit for the challenge was this:

I found it at the bottom of this hill.

Yep, I'm feeling like a CSI collecting evidence. Some teens had a lot of fun ice blocking that hill last night!


KatieFeldmom said...

What a cool idea. Love the picture you submitted ..... how very weird.

Brit-Man said...

That thing looked like a discarded bit of gum :-o.

As for self image, I could imagine you having one a few years ago, but not now,.

You're a 47 year old woman / lady, who looks about 38. That's a good thing, and if you're having a problem noticing it at the moment, then run with sunshades on, so you're not getting dead bugs in your face, hindering your ability to properly assess your own image :-p.

You'll get this fluff in your headspace out of the way, so don't worry about it.

You're "youthfully mature", and in prime health. Can't ask for more than that, and you work hard for it as well, so you should be proud of it all the time.

You put some 20 somethings to shame you do :-p :-p.

Best wishes and take care.


Colette said...

Love this idea! What interesting items you found ;)

You're mid-year evealuation was nice to see, and something we should all do to make sure this year is different than the last. I can't top what Matt said about your youthful self...all I know is that you are 100% beautiful inside and out, and that my friend is no exaggeration.

I hope Tucker had fun at Marine World. We used to go all the time, but this year we haven't.

It's a good thing to listen to your body...if it doesn't want to workout, then it shouldn't ;)

Love the yellow would match Ashley's new yellow dress ;)