Friday, July 11, 2008

Workouts that work

So far this year, I've done well with my running goal and with staying active. This week, however, has been one of the hardest weeks to stay on track. Unmotivated. Depressed. Tired. Those feelings don't work to fuel good workouts.

So I'm just working with what is. Last night I wanted to do my pushup workout, but didn't feel like doing it. So in between straightening my hair and putting on makeup, I did sets of plyo pushups on the edge of the bathtub. So they were elevated instead of on the ground, but the plyo aspect made them harder. And for whatever reason, I just didn't want to do pushups from the ground.

Today I decided to run long. But the body wouldn't cooperate. I did 4 miles this morning and it felt like 40! So I've decided to do 4 miles 3 times today. Again, I'm working with what I've got. And I just can't fathom doing a long run. But I can do 4 miles. So I just got back from my second run, and I'll plan on doing one more around dinnertime tonight. This may seem crazy, but I can assure you it's a lot less crazy than doing what I want to do, which is GO BACK TO BED!


Colette said...

Hey Leslie,

This weather is depressing everyone I think! I feel like a caged animal and yesterday I stayed in my pj's all day!! It feels like winter, but hot and you can't go outside :(

I hope you feel better fast and I hope those runs were just what you needed.

Running by.... said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I'm looking forward to the SF 1/2!

It's better to break up those runs IMO, especially when faced with that kind of heat and lousy air quality.

Look forward to hearing more of how your training goes.

Tracy said...


Are the push up rehabing your shoulder? I know your shoulder had been a concern when doing overhead kettlebell work.

I found that after "injuring" my shoulder doing a 'down plank' (neg push up) in yoga, it was exactly the movement I needed to rehab it! I just made sure to do it slowly and perfectly!