Monday, July 07, 2008

Moving the walls

Can't change air quality.
Can't change temperature.
Can't change my kids.
Only can change myself and my attitude -- starting now.


Anthony C said...

it'll be ok. changing your attitude is hard. i am trying now also and i am struggling harder with it than anything i have ever done- but i will do it somehow. so will you. just don't beat teh hell out of yourself when you don't do it over nite. i have been working on it for almost 4 months now and sometimes i feel like i have made no progress. it takes time.
you can do it.

Stephieloutwo said...

I love this. Would you mind if i put this in my blog with your name next to it? I need to change my attitude towards my goal and make it happen. I've been down on myself lately and need a little boost and this post made me smile :) Thanks for that.