Friday, July 11, 2008

Notes on 13 miles

First run was tough, like I said. I went out at 7:00 and I walked some, lunge walked some, and just prayed it would be over. I think my average pace was 9:40.

Second run was fine. Went out around 9:45, and it felt good to be running again and it went fairly quickly. Average pace was 9:15.

Final run was mentally tough, plus it was 90 degrees outside. But at 5:40 tonight, I did five miles at an 8:45 pace. As my third run of the day, I'm thrilled with the pace and just happy to have 13 miles done!


Dominick said...

Hi Leslie:

Wow! You sure do a lot of running. Let me suggest a workout and tell me how you did:

5 rounds.

100 jump ropes
50 sqats.


Dominick said...

Squats. I've got to slow down my typing.

Brit-Man said...

Hope you're doing fine.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm still baffled as to how you're able to run in 90 degree heat. I can't seem to get up to go get a drink in that heat! Ha!

I'm SO glad you were able to meet up with Colette and her daughter, and TWICE! How cool.

There are SO many days when I just DO NOT FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT. But, I've realized that if I just GO ALREADY, that once I'm there and doing it and then it's done, I feel SO much better. It's just GOING that's hard. Making it work to where you CAN do it is great! Whoo-hoo!!!

Anthony C said...

to answer your question-

Firepower is more of a muscular workout. BUT there are different ways you can do it, i.e. once through with long rests (they arent that long), once throguh w/ short rests, twice through either way or ocne throguh with no rests.
the DVD is a stacking of excercises so round 1 you do 1 exercise for 1 min, round 2 you do 2 diff exercises for 1 min each, etc on up to 5 rounds.
i feel like it works on my upper body and secondly core more on a strength level than Newport does. In a way I think it is easier than Newport. MY muscles get tired during Firepower- I have to stop b/c they start to fail on some of the exercises. My muscles never fail on Newport- my lungs do. I HATE Newport, I dread doing it. I do it but its so hard. I never have anything left to do the snatch test. I can always do the snatch test at the end of Firepower (its 5 min test and I usually get about 3 min of it done)

Then again, I could do Firepower with no breaks or twice through with short breaks and Im sure I would change my story on how it works my lungs.

Julianne said...

wow, you ran 3 times in one day? good for you for getting 13 miles in that heat! yikes. i hate running in the heat. good thing you started your first run pretty early in the day. hope this week isn't as hot!!

Colette said...

You should be feeling better now. Smoke is gone and heat isn't so bad.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ;)