Monday, July 07, 2008

The walls are closing in

The air quality sucks.
The heat is oppressive.
My sons hate each other.
And I just hate summer.


Anonymous said...

Right there with you - love living in Rocklin being surrounded by beautiful foothills, except during horrible fire season!! Hope you hang in there, put the boys in some boxing gloves and let them work it off/out. Stacy

Eileen said...

Send them to each to a friend's house! Sit down NOW and come up with some solutions to get them out of the house so that the walls do not close in on you. They are at the age where getting them out of the house does not necessarily mean you will be doing things WITH them, so don't limit yourself to ideas that involve you going along with them.

I feel that way when mine get 1 or 2 is ok, but if it lingers (or another kid catches what the first one had), then I start to feel sorry for myself for being "stuck" at home for so long and having MY plans interrupted. In reality, it's only a few the most a week...and like everything else in life, it will soon pass.

This will pass too. In the meantime, work on some contingency plans.