Monday, July 28, 2008


Life is all about finding balance, right? Well I've made some decisions recently that I think will help create more balance in my life.

1. I'm not taking on any new clients. I LOVE what I do. But last spring, I think I took on a bit more than I could handle. This summer I've lost some clients (some due to gas prices, some due to scheduling) and that has been a good thing for achieving balance. And once the kids are back in school, I don't want to add any new training hours.

2. I'm no longer writing newsletters. For a while I was writing an e-newsletter, which was a lot of fun, and it made sense to do for many reasons:
  • I love writing about all things fitness.
  • If I wanted to start a group or bootcamp workout at some time in the future, it gave me a platform to promote it from, and a list of possibly interested people.
  • If I wanted to find new clients, it would be a great way to find them.
But I don't want to do a group workout, and I want to scale back a bit, and I write about fitness ALL THE TIME on this weblog! For a month now, I've been feeling guilty that I haven't sent another issue. But no more.

3. I'm attending a kettlebell workshop taught by Mark and Tracy Reifkind in September! I use kettlebells in my own workouts, and train my clients with them, and yes, I'm certified to train with kettlebells (through CrossFit). But the opportunity to learn from two amazing RKC instructors? PRICELESS!!!


Eileen said...

I am the queen of taking on too much....or at least, really bad about it! So I applaud your good sense to scale back.

I will miss your newsletter but totally get why you're not doing them.

Kettlebell workshop sounds fun. I just started using mine again....

Brit-Man said...

The main thing is, you should do what makes you feel happiest. You might like doing certain things in your life, but when they become a bain, or an interferance with other things they are less enjoyable.

Finding a way for those to compliment not complicate your lfie, clearly is important for you, and whatever you decide to do, it will ultimately be best for you, because you get desirable knock on effects for other people.

So your actions are totally understnadable, and you WILL find balance oin he ways you want it, you jsut need to believe in your own ability, and trust in yourself to do what feels right.

GOOD LUCK, and no worries. You give plenty to others, and you need to find some time to be giving to yourself, and it's only natural that sometiems you'll want to Mother yourself too.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Balance is a wonderful thing to have, and I am happy that you have decided to have it ;)

Unlike you and Eileen, I don't have a problem taking on to much and just saying "no" if I feel life is getting stressful for me. The down side to that though is I find myself just sitting around waiting for something to come my way, which can be boring at times.

I miss your newsletters, but 100% understand. To bad I don't have my personal training cert. yet...I could try to take some clients off your hands ;)

Enjoy your day!

KatieFeldmom said...

I was thinking about your newsletter this morning, but totally understand why you're not continuing it.

Enjoy the kettleball class!!!