Monday, May 21, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Ok, enough of this only writing once a week nonsense. It's time to get back on track in lots of areas, including the keeping of the weblog. I have a client who calls it "acting out" when she gets off track in life. So last week was a week of acting out for me and my acting out included some poor food choices. Well, acting out doesn't work well for me -- it leads to less writing and less interaction and more sadness and more lethargy. Well, yuck to all that. So it's a new week and I'm ready to go!

The weekend had a lot of newness and fun stuff in it. Saturday was the 10 mile hike on the Western States trail. I almost bailed on the hike, because I got scared that I wouldn't know anyone, but then my girlfriend Stacy decided to come which made it tons more fun.

We met Suzy the ultra runner who led the hike. She was a delight (and the back of her car is a crack-up -- it's a cross between a mobile hospital and a running store, which I guess you need when you regularly run 20+ miles through the wilderness!) and the three of us stayed together for most of the hike. Stacy convinced us to run for about a mile along the trail (not that we needed much convincing, but at 3900 feet altitude, you sound like a pervert when you run!). And when Stacy and Suzy both licked a banana slug, I took the opportunity to give my slug a kiss.

You would think a 10 mile hike would be enough exercise, but when I got home, Tim wanted to do a workout. So while he did like a million of every exercise, I decided to do 50 reps of these:

low rows (using a black band = hard)
stiff-leg deadlifts (using 24 pound body bar)
bodyweight squats
jump squats
kettlebell swings

On Sunday I was a little sore, but overall felt good.

So Sunday's new activity was a limousine scavenger hunt. It was an event to benefit a foster family agency, and there were like 20 teams that rode in limos to various locations. We tasted ice cream (blindfolded) at an ice cream parlour. We watched movie clips and had to identify them at a home theater store. We ran an obstacle course for time at a local park. And while in the limo we had to figure out puzzles to provide clues for each location. We had a great time, and the event raised money for a very worthy cause.

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Eileen said... have to explain WHY anyone wants to lick or kiss a slug, ok!

The limo scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun. Kind of like Amazing Race in a limo.

So is that a BodyBugg on Stacy's arm?