Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pet Peeves

I had another nail salon incident on Monday, but I was tough as nails (get it? Tough? As nails???) and did not take the ick that was dished out.

In my previous weblog I talked about the man at the nail salon who asked me how many grandchildren I have. Yes, you heard me right. I know that in some cultures women get married early (I didn't) and have children early (I didn't), but the question seemed insulting. When I told him I had none, and he asked "Why you not have grandchildren?" I replied, "I'd BETTER not have grandchildren, because my kids are 12 and 10!" We didn't talk the rest of the appointment.

So I've been going to the same nail salon, and I stopped in Monday before picking Tucker up from school to have my nails filled. The place was busy, but after about 10 minutes they had someone to work on me, so he started working. About 5 minutes into it, a woman walked in with her daughter in tow. She was talking on her cell phone and didn't acknowledge the people at the nail place. When she finally finished her conversation, she said to the man working on me, "I have an appointment with you now." He seemed flustered, and went off to talk with some coworkers. When he came back, he told me, "You sit over there. Someone be with you in 10 minutes." I told him, "No, I have to pick my son up, and I can't wait," and I left. I was feeling small and invisible and sorry for myself, when I realized that there are HUNDREDS of nail salons. Literally! And I don't have to go to one where I feel bad. So I came home and took the nails off myself, which was fine, even though they're kinda ugly at the moment. But the process of deciding that I didn't have to go there? Tremendously liberating!

So let's talk pet peeves. From Monday's incident, here are a few:

1. People who come into a place of business talking on their cell phone. WAIT OUTSIDE till you're done talking. It's rude to come into a place where people greet you and ask what you want when you know darned good and well you'll give them no attention whatsoever.

2. People who treat people differently based on what they're wearing. I was wearing track pants and a t-shirt. Rude mom was wearing a business suit. I guess in this case, business suit wins. But that's WRONG!

3. (As long as I'm on a roll now...) People who have extended conversations on their cell phones while spending time with their kids. Ok, so I have no idea who she was talking to or what they were talking about. But I'm not in the mood to be charitable to the woman who took my place and whose nails got done. Be with your kids if you're with them!

4. (This feels really good, and I'm sure I'm going to offend someone soon, if I haven't already, but what the heck...) Women who leave their butt paper on the toilet in a public restroom. I'm not at all sure that the tissue paper seat cover does anything to block germs from jumping onto your butt. But if you use one, for goodness sakes make sure you flush it, ok? It is NOT asking too much to not have to deal with someone's used butt paper!

5. (Ooooh, what's another good one???) People who don't look behind them to see if someone's going through the door. I'm trying to teach my kids this one, that it takes so little effort just to glance and see if you need to hold the door a nano-second longer to be polite. I would never in a million years say anything if someone didn't hold the door, but I really do think it's the right thing to do.

Maybe I'm done. Am I done? I think I am, although the minute I post this, I'll have lots of new ones, I'm sure!


Irene said...

I am right there with you on all of those! There needs to be a standard for cell phone manners. Sheesh. I don't like to talk on my cell phone when I'm even in the grocery store...

Kristin said...

Fantastic. Every single one of those gets an "Oh, yeah sister !!" from me, too !! Cell phone manners have disappeared completely, it seems like. I hate it when people talk on their phone right through a transaction, like at the store or something. What, the clerk who is helping you out isn't worthy of your attention for those 2 minutes you are standing right in front of him or her ?? It's just so haughty and disrespectful to the person who is right there, present, in front of you.

I LOVED Your peeves !!

I have had the same experience at the nail salon, and I really do think it's a huge cultural thing. But as much as they feel sorry for me because I am a pathetic, childless 38 year old woman, I feel sorry for anyone saddled with multiple kids and constrained by the burdens of family obligations. But that's just me - I recognize that not everyone wants the same things I do, but sometimes the nail guys and gals just can't fathom that other people DON'T want the exact same things that they do.

The last time I went into my salon, the girl there shrieked "You cut your hair !! Why !!"

It was so obviously tacky and everyone realized it - except for her. She just thought I was insane for going shorter, but I couldn't care less becase I am thrilled.

Anyway, I am babbling .... I need to catch up on your blog ! It's been too long !

Evelyne said...

Wow, lettin' off some steam there, huh? Felt good didn't it? I totally agree with you on all points. I'm sorry you had to endure that at that salon. But if you were able to learn something from it then you can look upon it in a good light.

Jen said...

I hate nail salons. You make an appt and they never keep it. You show up - you wait. Or you get bumped, like in your example.

I am ready to ditch my artificial nails just for the crappy service in these salons. And then I think of all the time and MONEY I will save by not having artificial nails. wow.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm out of the loop on these nail salons and have always wondered how they stay in business...seriously, is it hard to do your own nails? Being a guy, this concept is mind-boggling to me (and somehow my wife is missing the nail-salon and candle-obsession gene).

How much is typically spent there?

Forgive my ignorance...I guess I just don't get it, and that's when I assumed they at least treated you well.