Monday, May 21, 2007

Kettlebell homework

I'm getting ready for this weekend when I learn about Kettlebells from Tracy. She gave me some homework, which was to do 20 swings a minute for 10 minutes. So you'd do 20 swings, then rest till the start of the next minute, do 20 more, for a total of 200 swings. On Thursday night I did my first workout, but because I'm me, I changed it a little bit. So for 10 minutes I did 20 swings each minute, and then for 10 more minutes, I did 30 swings a minute, for a total of 500 swings. The next day? A little glute sore, I must admit, but not bad at all.

So today's workout is going to be a repeat of that workout, but maybe I'll do 30 minutes this time, just to keep it interesting!


KatieFeldmom said...

Love the pictures! Icky on the slug though ... you kissed it??? And they licked theirs???

Colette said...

You are such a hard working woman!! Just reading all the stuff you've done has made me tired ;) The hike sounds like a blast...maybe I'll go next time, but no kissing of slugs for me thank you very much ;) As far as the blues go, you should have called! With the kettlebells, didn't your arms hurt at least?? Just wondering. Anyway, way to go on ALL of it!!

Brit-Man said...

You not managing to keep a workout interesting? That would be a first ;-). Unless you did something like Bodyweighted Squats for 1 hour non-stop, I doubt anything you did, could get anywhere close to boring.

Take care

:-) :-).


Pamela said...

just back & checking in .. Looks like things are as interesting as ever in your world ! Slugs tho? bleea! ~lol~ the Kettlebell workout sounds like an adventure indeed!