Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yesterday's workout...

...took place at the high school where Tucker's swim practice is held. I really am going to get more strategic about my workouts someday, but for now, this whole "I do what I feel like doing" thing is working.

So I took my 20 pound kettlebell and ended up doing 8 sets of 50 swings. But those were broken up with other stuff like incline pushups, dips, tricep extensions (using the kettlebell), squats, dips, stationary lunges, step ups (using the bench on the football field), negatives (using some kind of football training equipment that was sturdy enough to hang from) and one lap around the track.

When I plan workouts, I think less in terms of bodyparts and more in terms of movements. I got this from "The New Rules of Lifting" where they recognize pushing (pushups, shoulder press, dips, etc.), pulling (pullups, pulldowns, bicep curls, low rows), squats, lunges, twists and I forget the other one cuz the book's not in front of me. So when I do my own workouts, I try to do some pushing movements and some pulling movements, and I always work lower body.

Today's workout will be kettlebell oriented -- I may watch a few Art of Strength videos to get some ideas. And yesterday's workout -- well, it worked, because I'm feeling the DOMS today -- hooray!


Colette said...

You are doing great! I'm with you about doing what you want as long as you're moving. I am now making sure to incorprate everything and just have fun doing. This way we won't get bored with it, right? ;)

Have a super week and keep up the wonderful work your doing!

KatieFeldmom said...

When I go to the park, I always think of you. Great job on spicing it up!!!

Brit-Man said...

The thing is, (and I'm not saying you're such a person), that some people believe DOMS is the only real indicator, of an effective workout that can trigger muscle growth.

It is an indicator of such things, but sometimes not getting it, doesn't mean physical output falls below maximal capability.

You would be surprised though how some people think, if it doesn't happen, then automatically you've worked below your upper limits somehow.

Hope you're having a great day, and keep up the excellent results.

:-) :-).


P.S. You've been tagged ;-).

See my blog.

Pamela said...

Oh phooey & here I was gonna tag you too..guess I'll find another "tagee" ~lol~