Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day

We are members at a really nice golf club, but I don't golf, so I don't go out there much. But this Sunday I am SO hanging at the club, cuz we're going for their Mother's Day brunch. Let me share the menu with you (the !!s and the ??s are from me, not part of the actual menu):

Mother's Day at Catta Verdera

Omelet Station!!
Eggs Benedict
Assorted Quiche
Applewood Smoked Bacon
Sausage & Grilled Ham
Country Potatoes
Stuffed French Toast!!
Prime Rib & Baron of Beef Carving Station
Smoked Salmon Display (?)
Shrimp Display (??)
Caesar Salad
Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Dressings!!
Waldorf Salad
Bagel & Flavored Cream Cheeses
Imported Cheese & Fruit Display!!
Fresh Baked Muffins & Scones!!
Mini-Chocolate Cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Breakfast Bread
Mini-Cheese Cakes

Harp & Flute music

All I can say is hooray for golf!

1 comment:

Colette said...

Enjoy that meal and take a little bit of everything while savoring every last bite ;)

Did you know that I live right there...down the hill (between the Cheveron station and the elementary school). Well, now you do ;)

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!