Friday, May 11, 2007

We have found our people!

I have very mixed feelings about saying what I'm about to say. I DO want you to read what I write. And I DO want my clients to like training with me. But the truth is, we should all move to the East Bay, join Ice Chamber, and only read what's written on Fitness Fixation. I will miss you all (sob, gasp, resolute deep breath in.)

Honestly, I can't tell you how I found the site or the gym. But what a fun place! And what fun writing! Here's the introduction to yesterday's Fitness Fixation post:

"I have a new favorite formula. It’s horrible-upset-lonely-despair + workout = nirvana. (Not the band. Kurt never exercised a day in his life, I bet. And don’t even get me started on Courtney’s yoga…) I’ve tried many other equations. Like horrible-upset-lonely-despair + eat a whole cake = burned-out-bloated-self-loathing. Or horrible-upset-lonely-despair + uncontrollable sobbing = nap. Sometimes horrible-upset-lonely-despair + yell-at-loved-ones = further-alienation. I’ve even done all in the space of a half hour. So far I believe the first one is the wisest, though not always the one I grab in a pinch."

Isn't that TRUE?!?! I spent the better part of the 6:00 am hour reading past weblog entries, and learning a lot in the process.

And Ice Chamber -- we really have found our people. The ones who keep fitness fun and do all sorts of different cool stuff. I smell a field trip coming on! Really -- let me know if you want to head to Albany (that's CA, not NY, just outside of Berkeley) for a fitness jaunt!


Brit-Man said...

Well other peoples musings might be fun, there's no denying it, but there's not as much of a satisfaction level, when you're not the writer, and you aren't making people think or feel better, about stuff or themselves.

That's as simple as I can put it :-) :-).

Have a great day Leslie.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

MG said...

Leslie, thanks for the bloggin' love about the Ice Chamber. Your blog is great fun!!!