Friday, May 11, 2007

Comments on comments

It's such the icing on the cupcake when friends write comments. Thank you everyone who took the time to read, and here are the special thank yous to those who too the even longer time to write!

Matt and Katie -- thank you for your suggestions on how I could post my training form to the weblog. Losing the formatting wasn't going to work (since the whole beauty of the training form IS the formatting), and I got too busy to post it to, but will keep that in mind. Thank you, my techno-friends!

Pamela -- thank you for the encouragement on the GDE and on weight loss.

OldLobo -- your perspective on calorie deficits and interval training is very appreciated, as I know it comes from someone with experience with both!

Eileen and Colette -- thank you for your sunshiney attitudes and spirit-lifting words!

Matt -- the salad comments (there are 4 macronutrients: protein, carbs, fats, and salads) cracked me up!

Katie -- Yes, my competition suit would have fit LOTS BETTER if I was tan, in the same way my car drives much nicer when it's clean!

Irene -- I'm so happy there are others like me who won't talk on their cell phone in a store. Niceness rules! (And way to go on your long runs!)

Ok, just ran out of time here, so more later. Oh, but Colette was asking if I'm leaving blogland. Survey says NO WAY! I love being part of this community, and have no intention of leaving! Hooray for weblogs!

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